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In this episode of Les Brown Business Spotlight, Les speaks with Ari Page & Mike Banks of Fund and Grow. Find out how to obtain lines of credit and funding for your business ventures.

In this video, Les interviews @Ari Page CEO and @Mike Banks COO of Fund&Grow and they breakdown how thousands of investors and entrprenurs use Business Credit to grow their dreams. They discuss the resource in depth and talk about how to get the largest limits, this video is filled with gold nuggets.It doesn’t matter if you’re buying and rehabbing houses, starting an Ecommerce biz or growing any other type of business, you’re crazy not to use use this! Mike and Ari are experts, their team originates $8M-$10M every month and on this video we break it down but we also want to invite you to a free phone consultation to see what you pre-qualify for.Business Credit Lines/Cards don’t show up on your personal credit report, they come with 0% interest for 12 months on Average and you can use them in ANY Business.I’m sharing this resource with you because starting out, I know how hard it was to find a solid funding source but this is the real deal. They’ve got well over 500 Positive Reviews online all of the biggest names like me refer them clients because they simply follow through and get results, or you get your money back.Go register and you’ll get access to some videos, our web class as well as a phone consultation to discuss your unique credit scenario to find out what you prequalify for.Go to THIS LINK to learn more and prequalify: https://funding.fundandgrow.com/aef-les-brown

Posted by Les Brown on Thursday, March 21, 2019